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Read Kim and Matt's ensuite renovation story below.

Designer Ensuite Bathroom

Matt and Kim's Bedroom and Ensuite

"We cannot be happier with the outcome! Braedon transformed our bathroom into a beautiful oasis."

~ Matt L.

Fergus, Ontario
2 Months
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"I can whole wholeheartedly recommend Braedon and Destination Estates."

Project Highlights

Matt and Kim love how their renovated bathroom shows the character of their century home

Bright and airy space
Kim and Matt’s creativity led us to design this modern, designer ensuite with stunning brushed gold, black, and white colour palette
Exposed rubble walls show the home's character
Found during the renovation, we chose to make these sand-blasted, rubble walls a focal point of the design. They truly show the character of this century home
A spa experience with modern features
We added heated flooring, an integrated heated towel rack, and even a rain shower
More usable bedroom and bathroom space
By changing the layout we were able to unlock more usable space. The result is a large, airy master bedroom and ensuite with more natural light and a better flow
Improved energy efficiency
Using spray foam on both the walls and ceiling, we drastically improved the R-value and energy efficiency of the space
Increased home value
In addition to enjoying their space, Matt and Kim love that their renovation increased the home's resale value

The Finished Renovation

Bright Master Bedroom with Rubble Wall
The warm and inviting master bedroom has lots of natural light. The espresso-stained hardwood floors look as if they roll under the exposed rubble wall. The two custom-built, oversized white pillars and steps add to the grand entrance.

Before The Renovation

Dated Master Bedroom
As you can see in this before photo, the original layout was not very useable and the decor was dated.

Matt and Kim have a beautiful century home in Fergus, Ontario. When they first reached out to Braedon and Destination Estates they had a rough idea of what they wanted to accomplish. They knew they wanted a more functional space. They wanted an updated modern design and a master bedroom and ensuite that they would enjoy.

They wanted a contractor who would help guide them through the process and work around their schedule. They needed someone reliable and had a track record of successful renovations. They didn’t just need a contractor. They needed a partner to help turn their vision into a reality!

Matt and Kim’s master bedroom and ensuite is located on the top floor of their century home. While the space has been renovated over the years, it looked dated. Even worse, there were structural concerns left from previous renovations. The floors creaked and were not level. There was not enough insulation so the space was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The design of the space was not functional. While they had windows, there wasn’t a lot of natural light. The space was dark. There was a lot of unused space and based on the placement of the bathroom and the closet, it was tough to make the most of the space.

Matt and Kim knew they wanted a bathroom and a master bedroom that they really could enjoy. Who doesn’t want a spa experience in their own home? As we agreed to our goals of making a more usable, modern, bright, and airy space. We talked about colour palettes and materials. After agreeing on the design and approach we began work.

The Demolition

Renovated room without drywall
This is the space after the demolition and before we insulated.
Matt and Kim’s master bedroom and ensuite renovation required a complete demolition. We removed all the walls and brought the building back to the building envelope. We also removed the ceiling and existing insulation. Throughout the process we used plastic barriers to control the dust and contain the mess.
Exposed floor joists before reinforcements
The original renovators didn't properly reinforce the floor joists. This led to creaky and uneven floors.
Once we removed the walls, we turned our attention to those old, creaky, and uneven floors. We removed all the subfloor. We identified what was causing the floors to be uneven. It turns out there was an old staircase and whoever removed the staircase didn’t properly add new and reinforced floor joists.

Building The Foundation

Exposed floor joists with reinforcements
We created level floors and a solid structure by reinforcing and fixing the problem joists.
We started by “sistering” the problem floor joists. This is a process of reinforcing and sometimes replacing the joists to ensure the floor is structurally sound, solid, and level.
Empty renovated room with new subfloor
We added a brand new subfloor to ensure a solid structure.
With strong and level floor joists. We installed all new subfloors. When installing the subfloor, we take extra care to ensure the final result is creak-free. This is a critical step, especially when you are installing hardwood.
Water lines in an open wall
We partner with only the most reliable plumbers and electricians. While you can't see their work, you will appreciate it operating for years without issue.
We are proud of the strong relationships we have within the construction community. We are not plumbers or electricians. Through our experience, we have built great relationships with other sub-trades. We use the same set of folks for each job we do. We know the quality of their work and their ability to deliver on time.
Framed bedroom and ensuite
After we have the new joists, subfloors, plumbing and electrical, we are able to build out the remainder of the structure and prepare the next steps including the finishing work.

Does your bathroom renovation require a complete demolition?

Establishing The Feature Pieces

Matt and Kim wanted a modern decor while still retaining the character of their century home. The two feature pieces do both. We exposed the rubble walls of the home, and we added a black porcelain tile feature wall to the shower.
Rubble wall in bedroom
The rubble wall after sandblast cleaning.

Before we began construction we did not realize that there was a rubble wall behind the existing plaster. During the demolition process we noticed the rubble wall and thought it was such a great way to highlight the character in this century home. We knew we needed to make it a part of our final design.

There are two exposed walls on either side of the house. When we uncovered them they were in rough shape and were not ready to be presented. We sandblasted the walls to remove the excess masonry and make the walls presentable.

Porcelain Italian tile wall in the shower
The Porcelain tiles were arranged to create a pattern that stretches across the feature wall.
The feature wall in the shower consists of 2ft x 4ft black and white porcelain Italian tile. The pattern running through the tile is unique and we made sure the pattern between the tiles matched to look like one continuous stream. We wanted the feature wall to be visible wherever you are in the bathroom and so we opted to make the entire shower enclosure glass.

Do you want feature walls in your bathroom?

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches make the whole space come together. This is where we are able to showcase the quality and detailed craftsmanship of our work. It is also the opportunity where our clients are able to demonstrate their creativity and build the space they love.
Finished bedroom
Matt and Kim loved the dark hardwood and opted to use it throughout their master bedroom. Their choice matches the black hexagonal 2-inch by 2-inch tile in the bathroom. We carefully scribed all the hardwood into the exposed rubble wall to ensure a tight finish.
finished bedroom
Drywall is very difficult to do well. We choose to leave this work in the trusted hands of our vetted partners. This is the easiest way for us to ensure you get the highest quality result. For this renovation Kim and Matt wanted a California ceiling. Our drywall partner is an expert in the space and the end result is stunning.
barn doors on wall
We chose to build custom hanging barn doors that match the interior and allow for easy access to the walk-in closet without taking a lot of floor space.
finished bathroom
The bathroom fixtures and hardware are all the same matching brushed gold. The effect of matching hardware looks refined. Kim and Matt made a great design decision to match the faucet, mirror, showerhead and vanity hardware.

Let's make a beautiful bathroom together