Get a basement that does not feel like a basement!

Do you need more space in your home?

Has a loved one moved back?

Do you need a new “work from home” office?

Finishing your basement is a great way to quickly increase the livable space in your home. The challenge with basements is if you don’t properly renovate you will have a finished space that no one enjoys using! Your basement will feel dark, cold, and uninviting.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We at Destination Estates are experts in creating basements that feel like an extension of your home rather than an afterthought. We know renovating your basement is a big investment. We work with you to ensure the finished basement is both beautiful and functional for your needs. Our clients love the basements we create for them. They also appreciate knowing we are increasing their home’s resale value.

Read below to see how our basement renovation transformed Andrew and Christine’s basement into a beautiful in-law suite with a home gym!

Warm and bright renovated basement

Andrew and Christine's Basement Renovation

"I sit there looking around at what was done I think it was the best money I ever spent on my house."

~ Andrew L.

Guelph, Ontario
3.5 Months
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Project Highlights

Andrew and Christine's basement renovation transformed their space into an inviting in-law suite and home gym

More livable space
Andrew and Christine doubled the livable space in their house. They now have a complete in-law suite and a spacious home gym
Does not feel like a basement
The insulated hardwood floors, bright lights, spacious layout, complete bathroom and kitchenette make this basement feel like anything but a basement
Increased home value
Andrew and Christine love their basement. They also enjoy knowing that their basement renovation has increased their home’s value
Spa-like bathroom
The contemporary bathroom with a walk-in rain shower and heated floors make the space feel like a spa
Save the environment and money
By insulating the floors and spray foam insulating the walls we increased energy efficiency and made it easier to keep the basement temperature at a comfortable level

The Finished Basement Renovation

Bright renovated basement living room
Andrew and Christine have a wonderful entertainment area that includes a gas fireplace and a surround sound speaker system that is built into the ceiling and walls. The hardwood floor sits on top of an insulated subfloor which keeps the space warm and inviting. Custom cabinetry completed by California Closets makes the most of the space. The bright pot lights are a modern and understated way of keeping the space bright.

Before The Renovation

Andrew and Christine reached out to us because they wanted more space in their home. They wanted an in-law suite and a home gym. One of their main concerns was ensuring the space didn’t feel like a basement. They wanted a bright space that was warm and inviting.
Dark basement before renovation
Before the renovation, the basement was dark and uninviting. Andrew and Christine didn't use the basement.

We met with Andrew and Christine to understand their vision for the space. We also wanted to understand their main priorities and any potential concerns they had with the renovation process.

We want to make sure that before starting any project we align with our clients on what a great outcome looks like. We also want to be completely aligned on how the experience should go.

Setting expectations early means no surprises and a smooth renovation experience.

We agreed that the best approach would be to gut the basement. This would allow us to address more fundamental concerns like temperature control, energy efficiency, layout, and add a kitchenette.

The Demolition

Basement demolition back to building envelope
We removed the ceiling, floors, subfloor, walls, and insulation. Now we can add spray foam insulation and address Andrew's heat and efficiency concerns.

We removed everything from the basement. We take special care during demolition to minimize the disruption to you and your family’s life. You can see that we routinely clean the job site. We use plastic barriers and drop sheets to reduce dust. We agree on working hours and ensure we are not making noise when you are on a conference call or your child is trying to sleep.

Adding a Kitchenette and Shower

Andrew and Christine wanted a full bathroom and a kitchenette. The original basement only had a two-piece bathroom. This meant we needed to increase the capacity of the plumbing system.
Cut cement basement floor
By cutting and removing the cement, we made it accessible for our plumbers to extend the system for a kitchenette, and a shower in the bathroom.

We cut the cement floor. We then reached out to our trusted plumbers. We use the same plumbers on all of our jobs because we know they produce quality work. The plumbers expanded the plumbing system so we were able to add a shower, and a kitchenette into the basement.

Fresh concrete in basement floor
Once the fresh poured concrete hardens, we can begin the next steps.

Here is a photo of us filling in the concrete after all of the modifications were made to the plumbing. A lot of people think that this is a difficult or scary step however when you work with professionals like we do, we have peace of mind knowing the work is done correctly.

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The Finishing Touches

Hardwood floors in basement
By insulating the subfloor we can add hardwood in the basement. The finished result helps keep the space feeling warm, and it looks stunning.

One of the best ways to make a basement feel like it is not below ground is to eliminate that “always cold” feeling. There are several things you can do to help eliminate that feeling. In this basement we added insulation to the subflooring, which reduces the radiant temperature of the concrete.

We also removed the batt insulation and used spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value of any type of insulation. This means it’s energy-efficient and makes it easier to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

Gas fireplace in basement
We worked with our trusted mason to build this modern gas fireplace. What a great addition to the basement's living room.

Andrew and Christine loved the idea of having a gas fireplace in the basement. The fireplace is a great supplemental heat source and it adds to the ambiance of the space. They wanted the fireplace to feel modern and we worked with them to select the perfect stone.

Modern basement shower
This modern shower has a bench and is oversized. It is a perfect way to accommodate someone who may have mobility concerns.

There are several things that we think make this bathroom special. When it comes to the shower, we enclosed the entire shower with glass. The shower is oversized and has both a rainfall shower head and a hand shower faucet. We took care to ensure we arranged the porcelain wall tiles so the grain pattern across the tiles looks aesthetically pleasing.

We added in-floor radiant heating which Andrew and Christine can control using a switch on their wall. We also adjusted the layout to make the bathroom larger and more functional.

Increase your living space and your home's value